About Deep Roots (UK)

Deep Roots is a registered non-profit association with a vision to develop, enable and empower people to regenerate areas of their communities for long-term benefit for all.  The Deep Roots concept is based on encouraging people and organisations to give back time, experiences, money and other resources to their areas of origin.  We are a virtual organisation with 100% volunteers which means that all resources raised are used directly to achieve our mission.   That is to advance education, to relieve poverty and to promote sustainable development.

How we work with individuals…

Deep Roots provides tremendous opportunities for its individual members.  Individuals that share our vision sign up as members.  As a member you will have the opportunity to set up and manage projects that are close to your heart whilst being supported and trained by the Deep Roots network.  To find out more about membership please contact us using the details on the next page.

How we work with charities…

Charities that share similar vision to Deep Roots join us as Partners.  As a Deep Roots Partner we will work with you to promote the causes of your organisation within and outside our network.   If we have a similar project within an area you are already working at we will work to support you with our resources and our combined expertise so that resources are maximised and the aims are achieved.  To find out more about our projects or partnership with our organisation please use the contact details on the next page.

How we work with businesses/ other organisations…

Other organisations join us as Affiliate members.  As an Affiliate, we will work with your organisation on achieving its CSR objectives within particular regions whilst sharing knowledge and training staff on sustainable development.  There are more opportunities available for organisations willing to participate as affiliates. Please contact us using the details on the next page for more information.

What we would like you to do…

We would like to invite you become a member of Deep Roots.  As a Deep Roots Member you have the opportunity to:

  • Advertise on the network for volunteers (and our members are willing!)
  • Attend training programs that will aid in the efficient completion of your projects
  • Advertise for resources and raise funds
  • Network with like-minded communities across the globe
  • Share knowledge and know-how without the added cost of flying across the globe to do so thereby reducing your carbon foot print
  • Participate in the future direction of the community
  • Raise the profile of your organisation through the website, events and other Deep Roots activities
  • Contribute to the education of the general  public on sustainable development


What’s more we are offering you a free membership.