Our Vision

Deep Roots has a global vision for encouraging expatriates, people and organisations to give back time, experiences, money or other resources to their areas of origin.  DEEP ROOTS stands for Developing Enabling and Empowering People to Regenerate Origins Of Their Society.

Deep Roots does not necessarily differ from other charities in terms of its objects however; Deep Roots distinguishes itself via its means to achieving those objects as described in the mission.


Our Mission

To provide significant added value to Deep Roots projects (projects that meet Deep Roots ‘Objects’ criteria initiated within the organisation) , relief agency projects (projects that meet the Deep Roots criteria initiated by relief agencies) and other specialist charitable projects that meet the Deep Roots criteria worldwide; through the provision of specialist volunteer services including equipment, time, resources and other relief materials for long-term sustainability of the changes to be effected.


Our Values

The basic belief of the Deep Roots association is the adage that ‘from little acorns mighty oaks grow’.  Therefore the association will concentrate on making small but significant improvements that will build a culture of development within its communities such that these will evolve into lasting improvements not just in the infrastructure of a community but in relationships as well.

To state these explicitly Deep Roots values are:

  • Aid: We help people to help themselves
  • Giving back / Social responsibility: We encourage individuals and organisations to take responsibility and give back to/ invest in the communities they work / live in.
  • Participation: We a give our members a say in the way we run Deep Roots
  • Democracy: All members are entitled to vote
  • Fairness: We allocate resources in a fair and unbiased manner
  • Common purpose: We share interests and common purpose with our members
  • Transparency: All our members have visibility of the resources of the association and how it has been used to meet our objects.
  • Honesty: We are honest about what we do and in the way we do it
  • Not for profit: We will reinvest all received contributions right into the heart of meeting our objects.
  • Support: We will support other charities and communities in the relief of poverty, advancement of education, sustainable development and promoting Christianity.
  • Political affiliations: We will have no political affiliations
  • Religious affiliations: Religious affiliation is limited to the promotion of Christian values; however this does not mean that we will not support peoples of other religions.
  • Open membership: Our membership is open to everyone that shares our purpose.


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